Treatments for your spinal, muscular and related joint conditions

The Association of McTimoney-Corley Skeletal Therapists


Any misalignment within the skeletal structure and, in particular, the spinal column and pelvis, can result in pressure to nerve tissue, which can distort the normal flow of information and cause discomfort, pain and muscle spasm.  Equally so, muscle tightness and imbalances will cause stress to tendons and joints.  The cause of these problems can be accidents or traumas to the body, stress or overwork but, most commonly, they are work or posture related.

At my clinic the McTimoney-Corley method is used to coax bones gently into position by the use of adjustments that encourage soft tissue release.  The muscle release techniques are just as gentle.  I aways work within the patient’s pain threshold, therefore minimising any further trauma to the body.



What to expect:

The first visit lasts about one hour and will include taking a full case history.

Subsequent visits will last approximately 45 minutes.

At each visit both the skeletal system and the muscular system will be assessed and treated.

Remedial, self-help exercise will be given, if appropriate, and reviewed as necessary.

Lifestyle and exercise advice will be given, if appropriate.

Postural advice may be given


Everyone reacts differently to treatment and this will vary according to how long the problem has been there and whether your work or lifestyle is an aggravating factor. Improvement can be instantaneous or it can be a gradual process over the following 5 to 10 days.

Some people may feel some reaction after the treatment (particularly after the very first one); reactions are varied but it is normal to feel a bit achy for 2 or 3 days. Often a follow up achieves more, but l will guide you each time.