Spinal therapy and canine massage

Animals can suffer from pain and discomfort as well as us. These issues can arise in working dogs, dogs who take part in agility or in dogs who engage in boisterous or excessive play.  They can also be as a result of age, handling methods and accidents.  These tensions can lead to symptoms such as abnormal posture or movement, sensitivity to touch or grooming, reluctance to jump or climb stairs and behavioural changes.

Canine massage and McTimoney-Corley treatment can alleviate these tensions and can also help with: general mobility and flexibility, reducing the risk of injury, calming nervous dogs, and improving muscle strength and circulation. 


I offer two different types of treatments for dogs:

The two methods can be used together or separately according to the dog’s needs and veterinary advice. Just as we benefit from regular preventative treatments, so do our dogs and I can advise on this.


The McTimoney-Corley method


The Association of McTimoney-Corley Skeletal Therapists

The McTimoney Corley method is a very gentle form of spinal and joint manipulation, as well as being used to treat humans it can also be used to treat conditions in animals, particularly horses and dogs.  

Merishia canine massage


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A special form of massage developed specifically for animals. It combines massage, myofascial release with stretching to reduce tension and release muscles. This too is a very gentle therapy.


Why not just pamper your dog? Most dogs love this treatment!

Please note that veterinary permission must be sought before treatment can take place. A quick phone call to your vet is usually sufficient.